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Order 2323/2022, of August 23, of the Vice President, Councilor of Education and Universities, by which 150 grants are awarded for the implementation of contracts for research assistants and 99 grants for the implementation of contracts for laboratory technicians, corresponding to the 2021 call, amounting to 10,512,000 euros.

Correction of material errors in Order 2323/2022.    Order 2400/2022, of August 25, of the Vice-president, Councilor of Education and Universities, by which the correction of material errors detected in Order 2323/2022, of August 23, is made.

Order 93/2020, of July 2, of the Regional Minister of Science, Universities and Innovation, approving the call for grants to carry out synergistic R&D projects in new and emerging scientific areas at the frontier of science and of an interdisciplinary nature.

ORDER 2123/2021, of July 16, of the Regional Minister of Education, Universities, Science and Government Spokesperson, which resolves the 2020 call for grants for the implementation of synergistic R&D projects in new and emerging scientific areas at the frontier of science and of an interdisciplinary nature.

Research grants from the community of madrid

Enrique has served as General Manager of Campsa, CEO of Repsol Química S.A., CEO of Petronor, Corporate Director of Repsol YPF and CEO of Gas Natural.

Ana Merlino is a Master Certified Coach by the ICF and a Clinical Psychologist. Coaching is her great passion and she leads her own project with three divisions: Coaching Fusion, SATIS and Soul Business.

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Jordi Faz has developed his professional career as an entrepreneur in the world of education, team management and investment. He is Founder and CEO of Eternity Investments and CEO of Namencis Capital.

Sara Matarredona is a Clinical Psychologist specialized in Child and Adolescent Psychology and Developmental Psychology. She has collaborated in different psycho-pedagogical re-education and research projects.

Johana Martínez is a Psychologist specialized in Early Intervention and Emotional Intelligence. Entrepreneur and creator of the award-winning projects Vivero de Talento and EduKids, support centers for children.

Fpi resolution 2022

Surplus Training continues to grow and since 2020 offers its specific preparation to become a Prison Officer. This body of assistants gives access to group C1 of the administration. It is the access to a job with great job stability, with career projection, and many destinations in the national territory.

The work of the staff working in the service of the Penitentiary Institution is aimed at achieving the purposes assigned to the Penitentiary Administration, that is, the retention and custody of detainees, prisoners and convicts, as well as the re-education and social reintegration of those sentenced to custodial sentences and security measures, and the social assistance of inmates, released inmates and their families.

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At present, both civil servants and employees work in the Penitentiary Institution, both in the different Penitentiary Centers and in the Central Services.

To carry out its functions, the General Secretariat of Penitentiary Institutions had, as of September 2018, 24,204 workers between the different bodies of civil servants and labor staff.

Community of Madrid attracting talent

Alejandra Jacinto (Madrid, 1989) thinks that both Isabel Díaz Ayuso and José Luis Martínez Almeida are “mortally wounded” by corruption. In this context, the left must get to work, she thinks, to move towards the configuration of a political project that, above all, must “incorporate civil society”.

Jacinto believes that it is early and reckless to talk about acronyms, organizations and electoral lists, but warns that this project cannot “be satisfied with leading the opposition either in the Community or in the City Council of Madrid”. “We are facing a moment of political exceptionality and we have the opportunity to dislodge the right wing”, he adds.

In Madrid, in particular, there is talk of uniting all that is to the left of the PSOE, but Yolanda Díaz has insisted that she does not want to represent that “little corner” that the socialists leave her, that she aspires to something else, perhaps to appeal to sectors that in principle are less like-minded.

We also have the challenge of reconnecting with all the people who may be committed to progressive values, to human rights, who are working in that direction, and to try to advance in a model of country and also in a model of region; I am thinking of many social entities that are working for and for human rights and that, perhaps, have not necessarily been voters of our political force, but we have the duty to try to incorporate them to that process to try to widen the space. In this sense, what Yolanda is proposing is the most sensible and, moreover, it is the most ambitious; it is in line with the spirit in which Podemos was born.

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