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It is difficult to establish general parameters of the tests, since the requirements and characteristics of the tests are different in each call. However, it is possible to compile a list of the most frequent types of tests in all the administrative assistant exams:

It is also necessary to check if you meet the necessary requirements to be able to apply for the call. Generally, the minimum requirements needed to apply for an administrative assistant position are as follows:

How much does an Administrative Assistant of the Community of Madrid earn?

In summary, the total gross salary of a civil servant in the administrative auxiliary corps of the Madrid City Council would be around 1,825.31 and 4,283.68 euros per month.

When will the Madrid City Council administrative assistant exam be held?


The test will be held next Thursday, October 21, 2021 at 9:00 a.m., at Bustamante Street No. 16, Training Room 6th floor, D wing, 28045, Madrid.

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What do you need to apply to become an administrative assistant?

Generally, the minimum requirements to apply for an administrative assistant position are as follows: To be older than 16 years old. To have Spanish nationality or any nationality of the European Union. To have the title of Secondary Education or equivalent.

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The salary of an administrative assistant of the Community of Madrid is regulated both at the state level, in the General State Budget, and at the regional level, in the remuneration of the staff of the CAM.

Now that we know what the salary of an administrative assistant depends on, we are going to detail the amounts corresponding to each of these salaries so that everything is reflected in a much more visual way.

More specifically, on the following page you can see the classification of the basic salary as well as all the salary supplements of all groups and levels of civil servant and labor staff of the Madrid City Council: Remuneration of civil servant and labor staff of the Madrid City Council.

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The economic slowdown we are experiencing affects all spheres and areas that we can imagine and, therefore, also the financial system in general and the insurance sector in particular. It is difficult to find sectors or areas that are not affected by insurance, and it is also evident that the fact that many of these sectors have been put on hold has had a significant impact on the income of insurance companies.

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It should be clarified that the degree of impact is very different depending on the line of business we are talking about. To give an example, life insurance, without going into figures, will have had a greater impact than non-life insurance, where, for example, health insurance has even benefited in terms of turnover from the consequences of the pandemic.

The congress is being held on different dates until February 9, 2021. The aim: “to take advantage of the aging of society” so that the elderly can take their rightful place in the revival of the country’s economy”, said Margarito. María José Segarra, prosecutor of the Supreme Court Chamber for the protection and defense of the elderly, and Almudena Castro-Girona, notary public and director of the Aequitas Foundation of the General Council of Notaries, took part in the first round table.

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