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It’s very easy: when you buy your ticket, as a first option we will offer you to buy a voucher of 3, 4, 5 or 10 trips with up to 50% discount. Remember that tickets can be used both one-way and round-trip, and each trip will count as 1 trip.

They can be digital or physical, and can be purchased on the web, on the app, at the self-sale machines or at operational points of sale. The physical voucher is purchased exclusively at the points of sale, and can also be managed at the self-service machines.

The purchase date will be from September 1 to December 31, 2022. The validity of these vouchers depends on the date of purchase, but their validity of use will not exceed January 31, 2023.

Yes, an adult can buy a voucher in the name of anyone he/she wants, including in the name of a minor. But, for example, in the event that a mother or father wants to travel with their child, they must each have a voucher associated with their name.

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However, the same problem is again present in the cities of Madrid and Barcelona, where the supply of rooms in shared housing for a price of less than 300 euros is very difficult to find: in the case of Madrid the supply is 24% and in Barcelona the supply is only 8%.

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The needs or possibilities of young people also condition, as is logical, their choice between buying or renting. In many cases, this can also be perceived by observing the socio-demographic characteristics of both profiles of housing seekers.

An economic situation that is also linked to their employment situation: among renters there is a significantly higher percentage of students (20%) than among buyers (6%). Meanwhile, 53% of renters tend to be students. Marital status also varies according to the type of housing they intend to access.

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Tras la vigencia del Plan Estatal de Vivienda 2018-2021, la Administración General del Estado ha aprobado el Real Decreto 42/2022, de 18 de enero, por el que se regula el Bono de Alquiler Joven y el Plan Estatal de acceso a la vivienda 2022-2025, incluyendo el Bono de Alquiler Joven como ayuda adicional para favorecer el acceso a la vivienda y en su caso a la emancipación de los jóvenes.

El Real Decreto 42/2022, de 18 de enero, tiene la consideración de bases reguladoras para la concesión de las ayudas del Bono de Alquiler Joven, para lo cual la Comunidad de Madrid, dentro de las competencias que tiene atribuidas en materia de vivienda, debe establecer el procedimiento aplicable para la tramitación y resolución de los procedimientos de concesión y pago en la Comunidad de Madrid y convocar las ayudas correspondientes al Bono de Alquiler Joven, mediante la publicación del Acuerdo del Consejo de Gobierno de 14 de septiembre de 2022.

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La ayuda será de 250 mensuales por cada inquilino que solicite la ayuda y que acceda a la condición de beneficiario, con el límite del importe mensual de la renta de alquiler o del precio de la cesión subvencionada, por un periodo máximo de 24 mensualidades y se destinará a contribuir al pago de la renta de alquiler de la vivienda habitual o precio de cesión de la vivienda o habitación.

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The season ticket is a personal and non-transferable transport ticket, which allows you to make a daily round trip for the selected route, on the lines under the Madrid – Segovia concession, within its temporary validity scope, at a reduced price.

The validity of the voucher starts from the date determined by the customer, within 30 days after the date of recharge (see special conditions in the case of virtual voucher).

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The use of the monthly pass is personal and non-transferable, being prohibited the use of the same by third parties, as well as the use of reservations issued for this pass, reserving the company the right to withdraw this pass temporarily and/or definitively if it detects this irregularity.

The issuance of the voucher is associated with a fee established by the company that the user will pay when picking up the card (the delivery of the card will be associated with the recharge of the same), or when it is created through the web for the virtual voucher.

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